Surly Wench MC is an independent motorcycle club for women based out of the Greater Washington DC area. We are a proud members of the Confederation of Clubs of Virginia; the first WOMENS club to be officially voted into the VA C.O.C.! Our members all ride Harley-Davidsons, & believe STRONGLY in the RESPECT of SISTERHOOD and BROTHERHOOD! We are true sisters of the highway and meet monthly, sometimes more. As a club we believe in giving back and are involved with charitable events both locally and nationally. We wenches truly support each other through life’s twists and turns and always land in the saddle, heading down that highway. We like to ROCK ‘n ROAR and do a little pillaging and partying too! If you GOT WENCH in ya and ride hard and are interested in drinking a cold one, drop us a line...Yee Haw!


Why Surly Wench? One of our Founding Members was sailing the Caribbean for almost one year with her soon to be ex-husband who, after having enough of her attitude threatened her to walk the plank and instead bellowed with grog in hand “YOU ARE A SURLY %#&* WENCH!!!”. The rest is history. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgghhhhh!

Founding Members have been riding hard and playing hard together for many years. We believe in standing up for biker rights and giving back to the community. We support veterans associations and other charitable causes.

Surly Wench Motorcycle Club is women’s Motorcycle Club located in the greater Washington, DC area
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